Honor Educational ‘Partners in Excellence’ on November 15: School Board Members Day 

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    October 21, 2022
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November 15 of each year is recognized as School Board Members Day in Illinois. The honorary date is an opportunity to show support for your board of education and the school board members who are committed to providing a local governance voice for educational decisions. As school districts across the country continue to confront many challenges, the importance of having a quality leadership team that can meet the local community’s public education needs and students’ goals is imperative. 

This year’s theme for School Board Members Day in Illinois is “Partners in Excellence.” 

IASB is encouraging district personnel to contact their community leaders, business partners, local organizations, and area residents to join in recognition efforts. Share the honorary activities on social media using the hashtag, #ThankABoardMember. 

The Association has compiled outreach tips that can be used to honor local board members and fellow Partners in Excellence. A sample article that can also be used as a newsletter or sent as an editorial or letter to the editor has also been created. A certificate that can be personalized and presented to board of education members is available. 

Social media has proven to be a great medium to recognize local boards of education. A logo, sample social media posts, and a “thank you” poster can be added to social sites or adapted for use on websites and in newsletters. Be sure to tag @ILschoolboards in your Twitter posts and @IllinoisAssociationofSchoolBoards in Facebook so IASB can further share your recognition efforts. 

School districts and others are welcome to use any of the School Board Members Day resources without additional permission. All the materials are accessible and can be downloaded from the School Board Members Day webpage

November 15 is an opportunity to recognize the nearly 6,000 school board members across Illinois and thank them for the partnership they provide to the education community and leadership they provide for local school governance.