COSSBA Seeks Presenters for Inaugural Conference 

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    October 10, 2022
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22 COSSBA ConferenceThe Consortium of State School Boards Associations (COSSBA) is planning its inaugural National Conference and seeking presentations in the areas of Governance and Leadership, Advocacy, Student Achievement, Technology, Finance, Legal Issues, Stakeholder and Community Involvement, School Safety and Mental Health, Collaboration and Communication, and State Association Programs and Management. 
Founded by state school boards associations in late 2021, COSSBA is a non-partisan, national alliance dedicated to sharing resources and information to support, promote, and strengthen state school boards associations as they serve their local school districts and board members.  
The COSSBA National Conference is scheduled be held at the Tampa Bay Convention Center on March 31-April 2, 2023. Parties interested in presenting are encouraged to submit a proposal via this survey form by October 21. COSSBA seeks presentations that meet the following criteria:  
  • Targets board members or association leadership/staff as the primary audience  
  • Weaves equity throughout the message/learning  
  • Is engaging and interactive  
  • Is politically neutral  
  • Places an emphasis on improving student outcomes  
  • Includes a school board member as a participant in the presentation whenever possible  
  • Presents practical, real-world application of the concept or solution (proven practices, case studies, can be replicated in other schools)  
  • Includes a clear take-away from the presentation (action plan, list of questions board members should ask, checklist of to do’s, etc.)  
  • Will not be used as a sales pitch for any commercial entity  
  • Is of high interest and relevant to today’s district governance leaders  
Questions can be directed to Anne Butcher, COSSBA’s Event Planner/Manager, at