IASB Resource Helps School Districts Cultivate Local Leaders 

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    May 10, 2022
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An important aspect of a school board’s collective responsibility is maintaining leadership, even as it experiences turnover among board members. School boards that take this responsibility seriously use written board policies to guide board practices for providing thorough orientation and training for current and future members. They nurture a positive and inviting board culture. 
To create a culture of planning for succession, boards may want to discuss and reflect on who will continue the board’s work and how to ensure good stewardship continues with new governance teams.  For these board discussions, IASB offers a “Guide to Identifying, Recruiting, and Mentoring Future and New School Board Members.” The resource is intended to support the work of local school boards in developing an effective, ongoing process for finding prospective candidates, whether during the next election or an appointment process. Topics presented can also assist school leaders when talking to individuals about board service.
The printed guide is available complimentary to IASB members as a benefit of membership. Order by contacting IASB at (217) 528-9688, ext. 1131, or
School board elections in Illinois are held during the Consolidated Election in odd-numbered years; the next occurs in April 2023. However, vacancies can occur at any time and are filled by an appointment process. The process for filling a board of education vacancy is outlined in Sections 10-10 and 10-11 of the School Code and determined by board policy. IASB provides information for interested candidates on its elections webpage.