OMA-Related Declarations Updated 

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    March 9, 2022
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On March 4, Governor JB Pritzker again extended the statewide COVID-19 disaster declaration for another 30 days. Therefore, a board of education can still choose to meet without a quorum of members physically present at the meeting location if the board president (or designee) finds that it is not practical or prudent to have in in-person meeting due to the public health emergency, and if all other requirements of the Open Meetings Act are met. (Section 120/7(e)). 

In conjunction with the renewed disaster declaration, the governor issued Executive Order 2022-07, which expires on April 3. EO 2022-03, which included the exclusion mandates for confirmed, probable, and close contacts of COVID-19 cases in school, was not extended, but a “Whereas” clause in the latest EO 2022-07 emphasizes that schools should work with local health departments on that issue, consistent with CDC guidance. The vaccination/testing mandate for school personnel (EO 2021-22) was again extended, despite there being no current agency rules in effect to enforce such a mandate. Boards should continue to work with their attorneys and local health departments if they have questions about certain COVID mitigations.