Boards Can Apply for Governance Recognition

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    March 31, 2022
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Boards of education looking to apply for IASB’s School Board Governance Recognition can now do so for 2022. To assist board leadership teams with the application process, an application preview and submission tips document have been provided. 

The School Board Governance Recognition program acknowledges local boards of education that practice effective governance behaviors as outlined by IASB's Foundational Principles of Effective Governance. School Board Governance Recognition focuses on full board development and participation, rather than individual accomplishments. School boards that meet the requirements listed in the application will be recognized for the two-year honorary distinction. 

Last year, changes were made to the School Board Governance Recognition criteria, resulting in additional emphasis on governance and how it is making a positive impact for students, staff, and the district community. 

The application features a section for the district to tell its story and share successful programs and projects that are improving outcomes in the local schools. It also provides an opportunity to highlight how continuous learning, both by individual board members and the full board team, has resulted in improved governance for the board of education. 

The process to complete the application and submit the required materials can be completed entirely online. The deadline for boards to submit completed applications is August 1. 

An evaluation committee composed of school board members and IASB staff will review all applications and notify school boards that have earned Governance Recognition status. Boards that meet all the requirements will be honored at Fall Division Meetings and acknowledged at the 2022 Joint Annual Conference in November. IASB will also share the recognized districts on the Association’s social media channels. 

Past Governance Recognition winners dating back to 2011 can be viewed on online

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