Offers Posted to IELRB from Gen Geo Patton SD 133 

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    January 7, 2022
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On December 17, 2021, the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board (IELRB) posted contract offers filed by the district and teachers union from Gen Geo Patton SD 133 in Riverdale. 
According to the district’s filing with IELRB, “The Board of Education has been working with the Union to reach a multi-year collective bargaining agreement that serves the best interests of all community stakeholders, and which allows the District to continue to expand and improve educational and extra-curricular opportunities to our children.” 
Areas of ongoing negotiation include the district’s salary offer of a 2% annual increase over the next three years, with the union requesting 8% for one year and 6.75% for the next two. Also included are the areas of extra duty pay, class size,  tuition reimbursement, and dress code.  
Gen Geo Patton SD 133 is a one-school elementary district with 217 students and 18 teachers.