Board Members Recognized for Commitment to Learning and Leadership

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    August 30, 2022
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Board Leader Recognition Program recipients will receive their first awards this fall as the new program begins its second year. The IASB Board Leader Recognition Program honors individual school board members who attend Association events and professional development activities such as Division Meetings and the Joint Annual Conference, as well as participate in workshops, online courses, and other training.

This year, by earning points for each activity, 239 board members reached the Established Level, 428 members are at the Distinguished Level, and 47 Legacy Board Leaders have been active IASB participants with at least 25 years of board service.

Individuals will be recognized at IASB Fall Division Meetings and IASB will mail awards to district offices.

The Board Leader Recognition was introduced last year to replace two previous recognition programs.

Activity points earned in the previous IASB recognition programs transferred to the new Board Leader Recognition program. All school board members are automatically enrolled in the program upon being entered into the IASB member database. Points are cumulative, and individuals will be recognized as they reach each level.

There are three levels of recognition: Established Board Leader (200 points), Distinguished Board Leader (400 points), and the Legacy Board Leader (400 points plus 25 years of board service).

Information about the IASB Board Leader Recognition Program is available on the IASB website.