IASB Resolutions Committee Reviews District Proposals, Makes Recommendations for Delegate Assembly

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    September 24, 2021
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The 2021 IASB Resolutions Committee met on August 6 to review and discuss 23 proposals submitted by Association member districts. The Resolutions Committee Report includes summaries of proposed resolutions for 2021, and rationales and the Committee’s recommendations on each measure.
The Report will be mailed to all member districts in the coming weeks and is also posted on the Delegate Assembly webpage. IASB member delegates from each district will vote on the proposals at the Delegate Assembly on November 20 in Chicago.
For 2021, the Committee recommends adoption of 10 proposed new resolutions, the reaffirmation of four current position statements, and amending one other IASB position statement. Additionally, the Committee supported a new Belief Statement and an amendment to a current Belief Statement.
The 10 proposed resolution titles that received "Do Adopt” motions from the Resolution Committee are listed below with their sponsoring district.
  • Pre-Service Teacher Education and Licensure in Literacy, submitted by Avoca SD 37
  • Student Safety and Protection Plan, submitted by Mercer County SD 404
  • Board Member Childcare Reimbursement, submitted by Champaign CUSD 4
  • Remote Virtual School Board Meetings, submitted by School District U-46
  • Reorganize the Board -- From 28 to 40 Days, submitted by United Township HSD 30
  • Indigenous People Curriculum Inclusion, submitted by Berwyn South SD 100
  • Health and Sex Education Curriculum, submitted by Mercer County SD 404
  • Cannabis Sales (20% of state tax revenue to public education), submitted by Champaign CUSD 4
  • Landscaping Federal Funding, submitted by Champaign CUSD 4
  • Expand Broadband Internet Access, submitted by Champaign CUSD 4
Six resolutions received “Do Not Adopt” votes from the Committee. The full text of proposed resolutions with the sponsoring district’s rationale and the voting committee’s reasoning is included in the full report.
One proposal submitted by Champaign CUSD 4 seeks to amend Position Statement 2.20 —Constitutional Amendment on School Funding — by adding equitable education language for all students in the state.
Four district submissions look to reaffirm existing position statements: Position Statement 1.16 – Charter Schools, Renewal of Charter Schools (submitted by Woodland CCSD 50); Positional Statement 1.17 – Charter Schools-At Risk Students (submitted by Woodland CCSD 50); Position Statement 2.25 – State Authorized Charter School Funding (submitted by Woodland CCSD 50); and Position Statement 2.04 – Funding Special Education Programs (submitted by Champaign CUSD 4).
One new Belief Statement proposal filed by Indian Prairie CUSD 204 seeks to Prepare All Students to Succeed. It reads, “…IASB believes that school districts should prepare all students to succeed and cultivate learning. To that end, IASB urges school districts to consider adopting a policy encouraging students to complete assignments, within a reasonable time frame, even after the due date; by developing guidelines on how to grade a student’s late assignments.”
Glen Ellyn SD 41 seeks to amend the current Physical and Mental Health of Students Belief Statement by asking that the terms “physical and mental” be included with the overall health of students, and by adding “dental and physical” to list of regular examinations that are provided for by parents.
The Report also includes the Delegate Assembly Agenda for November 20, a table of contents, an index of current positions, and a checklist to help boards decide which resolutions they will support or oppose. Delegate Assembly Business Rules and the resolutions procedures are also highlighted.
Resolution proposals are submitted each year by school boards that are members of the Association. IASB staff works with the proposing school board(s) as needed, by reviewing and researching proposed resolutions to provide background on current law. Then, each proposed resolution is reviewed and voted on by the Resolutions Committee, made up of 21 school board members from each of the Association’s divisions.
IASB membership votes on the recommendations each year at the Delegate Assembly, held in November in conjunction with the Joint Annual Conference. The decisions reached by member boards of education determine the direction of the Association’s advocacy efforts on behalf of IASB members.
IASB Delegates (only one allowed per district) can register online for the 2021 Delegate Assembly. Districts can register their delegate by selecting the Delegate Assembly and Annual Business Meeting within the IASB Events Calendar. Only district roster managers will be able to register a delegate.
IASB will host two Delegate Assembly informational webinars on Wednesday, November 3 at 6:30 p.m. and Wednesday, November 10 at noon to preview resolutions submitted by local school boards and answer questions from IASB members.
Further information about the IASB resolutions process can be found in this FAQ.