What School Leaders are Reading

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    November 12, 2021
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IASB presents a new quarterly feature called “What School Leaders are Reading.”

In this first installment, we highlight articles from state school board associations and other education community publications. Stories include how education looks in Ohio after the pandemic, how students in Wisconsin are coping during COVID, how some schools are re-imaging student growth, and what districts should know about social media and student privacy.

Education after the pandemic
Gary Motz, Journal, Ohio School Boards Association, June 2021

Students Speak Up
Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, Wisconsin School News, Wisconsin Association of School Boards, August 2021

‘Innovation-Ready’ Graduates
Tony Wagner and Sujata G. Bhatt, School Administrator, October 2021

Social media and students’ privacy: What schools and districts should know
Joshua M. Rosenberg, Macy Burchfield, Conrad Borchers, Benjamin Gibbons, Daniel Anderson, and Christian Fischer, Phi Delta Kappan, October 2021