Journal Sounds the Alarm on the Educator Shortage Crisis 

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    November 1, 2021
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For the November/December issue, the Illinois School Board Journal sounds, or re-sounds, the alarm on the educator shortage crisis in Illinois. Read about solutions with local potential for Illinois school districts and the teacher pipeline.  

The Journal includes a piece by attorney Maureen A. Lemon, updating changes to Erin’s Law covering child sexual abuse, that will require a look at district policies on curriculum, training, educational information; resources for students affected by sexual abuse; and emotional and educational support. Also, “Bargaining for Innovation” examines collective bargaining agreements in Illinois and provides an understanding of the state’s large and dynamic public education system.  

IASB members will receive the print edition of the Journal via USPS to the address provided; or can read the digital edition of the Journal online. Digital editions of the Illinois School Board Journal are also available to the public for a limited time.