Celebrate School Board Members on November 15

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    November 12, 2021
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November 15 of each year is a day to recognize the efforts of the nearly 6,000 school board members throughout Illinois. It is an opportunity for districts, parents, and students to #ThankABoardMember for their inspiration, leadership, and commitment to providing a local voice for the community’s educational decisions.

School Board Members Day in Illinois is an occasion to build awareness of the role board of education members play in local democracy. Board members work tirelessly to ensure all students are provided with a quality education and the opportunity for a successful future. They serve as unpaid volunteers to ensure growth and progress not only for students, but for their entire community.

A number of resources are available to #ThankABoardMember on the honorary date, including logos, posters, an honorary certificate, sample social posts, an article/newsletter, and other tips to recognize board of education members. School districts and other groups and individuals are welcome to use any of the School Board Members Day resources without additional permission.

To recognize school board members on November 15, IASB will host a celebratory webinar at 6:30 p.m., “Celebrating Illinois School Board Members.” This special virtual celebration will offer 30 minutes of inspiration and gratitude from fellow school leaders, and prizes in honor of the nearly 6,000 Illinois school board members.

Thank you, Illinois school board members!