Agreement Reached in Bourbonnais SD 53

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    March 15, 2021
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The Bourbonnais SD 53 Board of Education and the Bourbonnais Education Association reached an agreement on March 11 to end a week-long teacher strike.
The tentative agreement includes salary increases for the next three years of 3.75%, 3.5%, and 3% consecutively, and an 18% increase for retirement benefits. A proposed change to a two-tiered insurance system was not approved; insurance plans will remain the same. Extra-duty provisions, planning time, and banking of sick leave time are also covered in the agreement.
The board, in a late-Thursday statement, said, “We are extremely relieved that this matter has been resolved and we can return to focusing on our students.”
Students returned to school Friday after the Thursday announcement. The six attendance days missed during the strike will be made up in April, May, and June.