IASB Legislative Report 102-20

  • Date Posted
    June 4, 2021
  • Category
    Legislative Update
The Illinois General Assembly was busy acting upon hundreds of bills over the Memorial Day weekend, into the early morning hours on May 31. The Senate went one day into overtime before adjourning the Spring Legislative Session on June 1. Several controversial issues were debated, including redistricting, an omnibus energy bill, and ethics reform. Many bills impacting education passed both chambers.
The full IASB Legislative Report 102-20 covers the FY2022 budget, legislation on school and community response to the coronavirus pandemic, and efforts around social equity and student health and supports. Numerous mandates were sent to the Governor that may be heaped upon our schools if they all become law.
School boards across Illinois are discussing proposed resolutions for the IASB resolutions process. One of the most important functions of the Illinois Association of School Boards is the resolutions process that sets the policy agenda for IASB and can determine the organizational structure of the Association. We encourage districts to submit a resolution before the June 23 deadline.