Safety and Security Track Offered at JAC

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    August 26, 2021
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School Safety and Security has long been a vital topic of interest at the Joint Annual Conference. The 2021 Conference, unlike immediate past years, will not host a standalone School Safety and Security Seminar. However, several sessions during the Conference are tracked for these critical discussions, which include threat assessment and physical space protections, as well as implementation of programs supporting the mental health and well-being of students and staff.
Among the offerings at the 2021 Joint Annual Conference, the following safety and security sessions are scheduled for Saturday, November 20.
  • School Security in a Changing World offers guidance into trends and emerging threats critical to effective strategic security planning for Illinois school districts.
  • Identifying and Intercepting School Violence featured cybercrimes Detective Richard Wistocki, who offers insight into addressing school violence before it occurs and educating parents and students using cutting-edge investigative techniques.
  • Develop and Exercise a Parent-Student Reunification Plan will enable attendees to learn from the development and implementation of Illinois State University’s large-scale reunification plans and smaller-scale reunification drills.
  • Safe2Help Illinois: Seek Help Before Harm participants will learn about the program that offers students a safe, confidential way to share information that may help prevent suicides, bullying, school violence, or other threats to school safety.
  • Supporting Mental Wellness in a Diverse School Community will discuss a proactive stance on supporting the school community during an unprecedented time including initiatives to address social and emotional needs.
  • School Mental Health Policy to Practice offers the opportunity to hear from Illinois policymakers and shapers about the latest in school mental health policy and what policy changes are needed to address student mental health.
  • Safety in our Schools: Armed and Relationship-Driven will express how Yorkville CUSD 115 is implementing a progressive, comprehensive, and relationship-driven safety and security program.
  • Empowering Students to Support Peers Regarding Mental Health features Clinton High School and the Teen Mental Health First Aid program, supported by the National Council of Behavioral Health and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation.
  • Threat Assessment to Bridge the School Safety Gap shares how tragedy has necessitated change to a siloed approach to school safety and how collaboration is essential to a proactive approach for identifying, responding to, and recovering from threats.     
Details on the safety and security sessions and all Conference information will be added to the Joint Annual Conference webpage as they become available. The 2021 Joint Annual Conference will be held November 19-21 in Chicago.