Welcome to the Board: Journal Offers Reading for Newbies

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    April 30, 2021
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School board members arrive in their roles with the best of intentions, a willingness to serve, and a lot to learn. The May/June 2021 issue of the Illinois School Board Journal offers direction to new board members on what to do next, and after that, as they embark on a journey of service to their local education communities. Readers will discover – or rediscover -- how to make a motion; what to do, watch, and read; and a little bit about what to say and what NOT to say. As in previous years, for 2021 the Journal asked veteran school board members for insights and to share their thoughts on what new members can expect in the first 100 days.

Get the latest on school funding targeted from coronavirus relief packages, discover essential tips for crisis communications, and the importance of imparting legal knowledge to staff. Look for the print edition of the Journal wherever you get your school board member mail or read the complete digital edition online.