Social and Emotional Leadership Webinar Series Scheduled for School Board Members

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    April 23, 2021
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How should board members handle conflict at a public meeting? What is the best way to foster candor and engagement on a board of education? Answers to these questions and more will be provided in a six-part webinar series exclusively for Illinois school leaders.
The online webinar series will be presented by brothers Jim and Doug Bolton and the Illinois Association of School Boards to assist in the development of interpersonal competence and increased confidence by focusing on social and emotional leadership skills. The webinars are intended to build skills in forming productive relationships with fellow board members and members of the community.
“During the past year, board members expressed a need for more training on conflict, dealing with a challenging public, and how to take care of themselves as leaders,” said Dean Langdon, Associate Executive Director of IASB’s Member Services. “IASB is pleased to partner with Doug and Jim Bolton who will lead our efforts to help our members and improve their leadership skills.”
The series will kicked off May 10 and continues through June, July, and August. The topics include

  • “Introduction to Social and Emotional Leadership Skills” on May 10;
  • “Communicating with Candor” on June 1;
  • “Building Mutual Understanding, Trust, and Respect Through Listening” on June 30;
  • “Emotional Regulation: How to Stay Centered in the Storm” on July 20;
  • “Working Through Conflict and Gridlock” on August 5; and
  • “Handling Hostile Questions While Standing Your Ground” on August 31.

The opening event, “Introduction to Social and Emotional Leadership Skills,” will explain the social and emotional dynamics that underlie success and provide an overview of the skills that can help board members be more effective in their role.
Jim Bolton is a consultant, trainer, and executive coach who helps leaders build high-candor cultures in organizations. His firm, Ridge Training, has taught leaders in business and education the social and emotional leadership skills needed to build trust, communicate with respect, and deescalate conflict.
Doug Bolton, Ph.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with Formative Psychological Services in Northbrook who has worked with children, adolescents, couples, and families for over 25 years. A former psychologist and principal at North Shore Academy, Doug Bolton provided therapeutic services to students and families and supervised the school’s clinical services.
Registration for each webinar is available through the IASB Events Calendar. IASB webinars are free and a benefit of membership.