Organizing the Board and Orienting New Board Members after the Election

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    April 7, 2021
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With the 2021 consolidated election in the rearview mirror, boards of education are planning their next school board meeting and thinking about the new members who will be joining the board team. As required by state law, school boards must hold an organizational meeting to seat board members, elect officers, and complete other needed duties. This year, May 4 is the final day for a school board to reorganize.
To assist with the post-election requirements, IASB offers a free pamphlet, “Organizing the Board.” The pamphlet includes descriptions of legal requirements and procedures to ensure a smooth and efficient process as school boards reorganize.
IASB staff have also developed “Orientation: Building the Board Team.” This publication is intended to help school boards orient newly elected or appointed board members to their position. Two sample agendas are included, along with accompanying materials to aid boards as they work through the orientation process.
In addition to written materials, IASB will host livestream events on April 15, 16, 19, and 23 to welcome new members, introduce the New Board Member Roadmap to Success, and describe training opportunities. The New Board Member Roadmap is designed to guide new board members through the first year in office.
IASB has resources available on the New Board Member webpage to assist districts and newly elected board members as they move forward in their new role. Association staff members are also available to support districts as they welcome new members and work to build a high-performing governance team. Contact the IASB Springfield office at (217) 528-9688 or the Lombard office at (630) 629-3776, or submit a question using the IASB contact form on the New Board Member webpage.