September/October Journal Revisits Educational Equity

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    September 1, 2020
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The September/October issue of the Illinois School Board Journal offers a series of commentaries and articles that offer perspectives on educational equity. Included is an update to “Ten Ways School Boards Can Champion Racial Equity” by educator and school board member Pat Savage-Williams, which carries an extensive list of resources for public school leaders mindful of their district’s place in an equity journey.

In his column, IASB Executive Director Thomas E. Bertrand notes IASB’s efforts towards offering districts information on equity-related topics and states, “School districts undertaking an equity journey do so, within their own mission, vision, and goals, to ensure the best possible education can be realized by and for all students, to carry out systemic change, address the opportunity gap in educational outcomes, and to create inclusive learning environments."

The issue also looks at educational equity and diversity as it relates to the teacher shortage and English Learners. Several commentaries both national and local offer insights into the importance of educational equity in times of turmoil.

Look for the print edition wherever you get your school board member postal mail, or read the text or full digital edition of the September/October 2020 Journal.