IASB Directors Review Association Finances and Priorities, Allow for a Virtual Meeting of Delegates This Year

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    September 2, 2020
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The IASB Board of Directors at its quarterly meeting in August reviewed and approved budget amendments for the 2021 fiscal year due to the coronavirus pandemic, discussed the Association’s commitment to equity, and added a new rule to allow for a virtual Delegate Assembly in November.

The August Board of Directors’ meeting is an opportunity for Directors to discuss activities for the new fiscal year related to strategic priorities, which guide IASB efforts to serve members. Executive Director Thomas Bertrand shared the FY21 Strategic Priority Report, which included new strategies to initiate and support efforts to ensure equity, diversity, inclusion, and racial justice within IASB, its membership, and school districts.
Twenty-two of the 25 officers and directors were present for the August 29 in-person meeting in Geneva and followed health and safety precautions such as social distancing and wearing masks.
The Annual Audit for the 2020 fiscal year ending June 30, 2020 was approved as presented. Treasurer Linda Eades noted fluctuations related to the timing of Payroll Protection Program revenue and unknowns of how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact future financial reports. Overall, the Association finances are in good standing with cash reserves meeting IASB Policy guidelines.
An amended FY21 budget reflecting the cancellation of the Joint Annual Conference was also approved. The full Board approved the original FY21 budget at its June meeting; the Annual Conference was canceled in late July.
The Board discussed the annual IASB Delegate Assembly, at which resolutions are considered and IASB members elect officers for the coming year. With the 2020 Joint Annual Conference canceled, IASB is planning to hold a virtual Delegate Assembly on November 14. The IASB Constitution requires that “At least once each year, at a time and place determined by the Board of Directors, there shall be a meeting of the Delegate Assembly.” Delegate Assembly Business Rules refer to how delegates participate in discussion for debating resolutions or making points of order. The Board approved an additional rule to allow remote participation:
13. Remote Participation1. The 2020 Resolutions Committee and Delegate Assembly will allow for remote participation by delegates. This is not a precedent for future meetings of the Delegate Assembly, but will only be utilized during times of a statewide emergency as proclaimed by the Governor. In such cases, the Board of Directors may modify rules 4-7 as deemed necessary to accommodate remote participation technology and assembly decorum.
The Board also heard reports on a variety of topics, including virtual events, recommendations from the Resolutions Committee, legislation, IHSA, IASB Service Associates, and NSBA activities. The Directors each shared how their district is starting the 2020-21 school year via remote learning, in-person, or hybrid approaches.
In an update on Association services that are provided to members, Bertrand highlighted services for board policies and administrative procedures, participation by districts in training and events, legislative and school law support, and member outreach during the Coronavirus pandemic.
Separate from the business meeting, the Directors participated in the annual board self-evaluation and governance policy review. Review of board policies and compliance is part of the Board’s ongoing governance work. At this meeting, the Directors reviewed operational expectations of the Executive Director and the Association’s strategic priorities.

The board nominating committee also met and slated Thomas Neeley, Morton CUSD 709, and Simon Kampwerth, Jr., Peru ESD 124, to be reelected as IASB president and vice president, respectively. Both will be voted upon during the 2020 Delegate Assembly in November.
The next IASB Board of Directors quarterly meeting in November will include the reorganization of officers and committee appointments.