New Edition to Popular School Law Q&A Book Available

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    May 1, 2020
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A new sixteenth edition to a book presenting answers to questions about laws governing Illinois schools is now available from IASB.

Questions and answers in the newest edition of the Illinois School Law Survey reflect changes in state and federal laws and the impact of new court decisions and administrative rules and regulations as of January 1, 2020.
Answers to more than 1,600 questions are organized within 27 chapters. A sample of new or revised entries in the latest edition include:
  • After an election, how does the old board dissolve and how does the new board begin doing business?
  • What duty does a school district have to protect electronic student information from inadvertent disclosure due to data breaches?
  • What is a threat assessment team?
  • What are e-learning days?
  • Must school officials allow DCFS employees to interview students during the school day?
An online preview of the Quick Reference Index provides a detailed look at the topics covered.
A digital version comes at no additional charge with each printed book purchase. The improved online format features a keyword search and contains links to applicable statutes, regulations, and court decisions cited in the Q&A entry.

The popular title has served as a legal reference for both educators and laypeople. It has been updated bi-annually since 1990 and is authored by attorney Brian A. Braun.

The Illinois School Law Survey may be ordered from the IASB Online Bookstore or by calling (217) 528-9688 or (630) 629-3776. The discounted member price is $48 plus $7 per order for shipping. IASB will process orders, however shipping may take longer due to COVID-19. A unique code to register for online access is packaged with each print book. The digital edition will be available for two years, or until the next print edition becomes available.