IASB Legislative Report 101-18

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    May 21, 2020
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Legislation Begins To Move
Regardless of the extraordinary circumstances Illinois finds itself in right now that has brought us to the abbreviated special session to wrap up the legislative calendar, the atmosphere is not dissimilar to the last few days of any previous legislative session. Most times legislative work has been put off until the last minute and lawmakers frantically huddle behind closed doors to cobble together an agreement on the most controversial issues in the waning hours. The difference is, for this year, there was no session for two months due to circumstances beyond the control of the legislature and these few days in May are truly the only time lawmakers have to address pending matters.

Details of the day’s work can be read in the full Alliance Legislative Report 101-18, including codifying the emergency orders relating to K-12 education revisions, hiring retired teachers as substitute teachers, labor and management issues, and budget and appropriations