We Asked, You Answered. What's Next?

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    February 13, 2020
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The new-for-2020 IASB Communications survey will open to board members, superintendents, and associated constituents on February 25.

Prior surveys – long and involved – were sent every five years. IASB has shortened its survey (a lot) and plans to conduct a focused survey, starting with a communications focus, every two years. Anticipating the 2020 survey, here’s a peek at what we learned in the 2018 edition.
IASB asked what topics people are interested in. In the 2018 survey, board members (30%), superintendents (57%), and community priorities (30%) all ranked safety and security as their primary student-related issue. The next most highly ranked areas of interest among all three subsets were student performance and curriculum. Regarding topics that fall under the umbrella of leadership and district management, board members said their communities cared about budgeting (ranked first or second most important by 61% of respondents) and accountability (ranked first or second by 60%).

IASB’s survey results inform recent and future Communications projects, such as the IASB Journal, but also the Association’s work in webinars and program development. IASB staff used the comments, of which there were many, to consider the ways to help boards of education develop and work together as a team.

Recognizing that some issues will always be in the forefront, and other emerging issues require attention as well, the upcoming member survey will dive into topics of interest to school board members and district leadership, and how IASB can best deliver the materials members need. The survey will also seek feedback on the new IASB website, and help the Association develop new programs on topics of interest to members and constituents.

Watch your email and postal mail for links to the IASB Communications survey.