Update: IASB Constitution and Position Statements mailed to Board Members, Superintendents

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    February 6, 2020
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UPDATE: The 2020 IASB Constitution and Position Statements have been sent to the preferred mailing addresses of Association board members and superintendents. IASB members should receive the updated documents within one to two weeks. An online version of the Constitution and Position Statements is also available on the IASB website.

The 2020 IASB Constitution and Position Statements have been updated. The newly revised IASB Position Statements reflect priorities that were adopted by the Delegate Assembly in November of last year. There were no changes made to the IASB Constitution.

The changes include 10 new Position Statements, four amended positions, and two previous statements that were reaffirmed.
A number of the new directives regard school and student safety. Position Statement 2.30 advocates for the creation of a school safety grant program. Position Statement 5.13 would allow districts to re-establish a police force with the same duties and responsibilities of local law enforcement agencies. Position Statement 5.14 encourages a centralized process for Regional Superintendent Offices to submit certification results for each other to use when hiring substitute teachers in their region. Position Statement 6.24 urges increased traffic-calming measures in front of all schools that include reduced speed limits, more speed limit signs, increased police enforcement in school zones, and other measures to mitigate traffic speed.

Two newly adopted positions relate to charter schools. Position Statement 1.16 would allow the host school district to participate in the renewal process for state-authorized charters, while Position Statement 1.17 would define the expectations of state-authorized charter schools to educate at-risk students and report to the public the progress in achieving such expectations.  
In addition, new Position Statements were adopted regarding the seating of new board members (7.11), four-year terms for all board members of districts with a population of less than 500,000 (7.12), and allowing districts to address social responsibility when contracting for services, including preferences for businesses owned by minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and veterans (4.06).
In addition to the newly adopted proposals, amended language was added to Position Statements 1.01-Educational Programs, 2.04-Funding Special Education Programs, 2.27-State Authorized Charter School Funding, and 5.05-Prevailing Wage Act.
Position Statements 1.08-Standardized Test Procedures and 1.09-Student Assessment were reaffirmed.

The 2020 IASB Constitution and Position Statements, as well as Association Belief Statements are all available on the IASB website.