Districts Invited to Submit Resolutions for the 2020 Delegate Assembly

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    April 1, 2020
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Local school boards have been invited to submit resolutions for consideration by the 2020 IASB Delegate Assembly. Resolution forms and accompanying information was mailed to Association member districts in late March. The forms are also available online.

The Delegate Assembly is held each year at the Joint Annual Conference. The outcomes of the Delegate Assembly determine the direction of the Association’s future advocacy efforts. Each IASB member school board is entitled to one voting delegate at the assembly.

Proposals can be submitted as new IASB resolutions, amendments to existing position statements, reaffirmations of existing position statements, or as new belief statements. The deadline to submit resolutions is Wednesday, June 24.

The IASB Resolutions Committee, consisting of one elected member from each of the 21 Association divisions, will meet in early August. After resolutions are submitted, IASB staff will review the proposals and consult with a representative of the submitting districts to prepare background material for review by members of the Resolutions Committee. Districts proposing resolutions must have at least one board member present at the committee meeting to speak to their proposal.

The committee will review the submitted proposals and recommend either “to adopt” or “not adopt” the resolutions, and determine which ones will be referred to the full membership for a vote at the Delegate Assembly. This year’s committee will be chaired by IASB Vice President Simon Kampwerth Jr.

Resolution forms and additional information is available by contacting Mary Ellen Buch at (217) 528-9688, ext. 1132.