Strikes and negotiations continue; some agreements reached

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    October 25, 2019
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UPDATE: School is back in session in Mendota CCSD 289; a tentative contract agreement was reached over the weekend. Contract terms are pending the board of education's Tuesday meeting. The strike lasted eight school days.

Teachers in Mendota CCSD 289 remain on strike as of October 25. The board of education has made offers to the Mendota Education Association (MEA), including offering a one-year contract that would re-open the schools as negotiations for a longer-term agreement would continue. A negotiation session ended when the MEA did not accept the offers. Mendota CCSD 289 is an elementary school district serving approximately 1,100 students.

Chicago Public Schools teachers and support staff remain on strike, with talks continuing and reports of progress conflicting with public statements. Ramifications of the strike affecting approximately 300,000 students are far-reaching. Reports on October 25 included discussion of a benefits fund for striking workers, the college applications process for high school seniors, and questions on rules and waivers allowing students impacted by the strike to participate in IHSA State Series events.

Teachers and support staff at Grayslake Comm Cons SD 46 have filed intent-to-strike notices. The CCSD 46 Board of Education has posted and answered a series of questions from its community about the ongoing negotiations and contract offerings. The next meeting is scheduled for October 28.

Teachers and Addison SD 4 reached a tentative contract agreement on October 23 with progress that came about quickly after long-term negotiations. The teachers could have struck the next day.

Blue Ridge CUSD 18 and its teachers, during an October 21 bargaining session, reportedly reached an agreement for a three-year deal. The union, which represents staff and teachers, will vote on October 27 to ratify the contract.

The Decatur Federation of Teaching Assistants and Decatur SD 61 continue discussions, with discussions now primarily over costs of health insurance benefits. The group could strike October 29 if an agreement cannot be reached. The union includes hearing interpreters, licensed practical nurses, hearing-vision technicians, and teaching assistants.

Teacher contract negotiations continue in Bremen CHSD 228, serving 5,000 students in four south suburban high schools and Springfield SD 186, which educates 14,000 students in 32 schools. Joliet PSD 86, with 11,000 elementary students in 30 schools, is operating without a teacher contract.