School Board Members Day: Transforming Educational Visions into Reality

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    November 12, 2019
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November 15 of each year is a day to recognize the efforts of the nearly 6,000 Illinois school board members. It is an opportunity for districts, parents, and students to #ThankABoardMember for their dedication and commitment to quality public education and a thriving community.

School Board Members Day in Illinois is an occasion for the district and community to build awareness of the role board of education members play in local democracy and the decisions of local school systems. Board members work tirelessly to ensure all students are provided with the opportunity for a successful future. They volunteer their time to ensure growth and progress not only for students, but for their entire community.

IASB has created a toolkit that is available on our website to assist with honorary efforts. The toolkit includes a Facebook frame, “thank you” poster, School Board Members Day logo, sample article, honorary certificate, and other tips and ideas to recognize your local board of education.

Thank you, Illinois school board members.