Alliance Legislative Report 101-26

  • Date Posted
    November 1, 2019
  • Category
    Legislative Update
The Illinois General Assembly was back in Springfield this week to begin the fall veto session. In most years, the House and Senate take on a mix of veto overrides, new proposals, or unfinished business from the spring.
However, with only a handful of gubernatorial vetoes from the spring session and with the recent announcements of legislators being arrested on corruption charges, normal legislative issues were set aside for most of the week. For observers, media, and watchdog groups, it was the scandal allegations that were on their minds.
Some new and unfinished business from the spring did get discussed. Several pieces of legislation that could impact schools moved forward in the legislative process, but only two bills were advanced to the governor’s desk. If legislative leadership is so inclined, there are meatier issues to tackle if they want to attempt it in in this short time frame. Discussions have taken place on revising the gaming legislation enacted this summer (especially the Chicago-based casino) and the recreational cannabis law. There are also groups working on property tax relief proposals, pension reform, and governmental ethics enhancements.
The General Assembly adjourned for the first week of the veto session on Wednesday. Lawmakers will return November 12-14 to conclude legislative business for the year.

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