Webinars for New Board Members

Ride along for a series of webinars designed to accelerate the learning curve for new school board members. Focus on the road ahead and what you are learning over the first six months of your board experience. Visit the IASB Events Calendar to register for any of the Waypoint Webinars listed below or select the corresponding link. IASB webinars are free and a benefit of membership.
Welcome new board members! As you embark on your school board service journey, let IASB be your companion. In this live webinar, learn what the Illinois Association of School Boards does to support member boards of education in pursuit of educational excellence. IASB staff will walk you through key services and offerings available to board teams and to you as an individual. There is a lot to learn, and IASB is along for the ride to answer your questions, point you in the right direction, and suggest some key stops for a successful journey.

Watch Now: IASB: Your Companion on the Journey
You’ve been on this board member journey for two months. How is it going? Is it what you expected? Hear from other board members as they share their experiences and what they wish they knew in their first year on the board, as well as 10 actions you can take to accelerate the learning curve and continue building relationships with your team.

Watch Now: The First 100 Days: 10 Actions for New Board Members
Understand your role in reviewing and adopting board policies.  A school board governs using written policies. This webinar will explain the anatomy of a policy manual and provide an overview of how policies are reviewed and adopted. Written policies ensure legal compliance, establish board processes, articulate district ends, delegate authority, and define operating limits. Board policies also provide the basis for monitoring progress toward district ends.

Watch Now: Policy Primer
One of the greatest opportunities for growth comes from connecting with those who are on the same journey. Meet your IASB Field Services Director and network with your board member neighbors in a casual virtual setting. We will also share information about upcoming Division Meetings, the Joint Annual Conference (JAC), and other learning and networking opportunities to connect with your new board colleagues.

Watch Now: Let’s Connect! Meet Your Division Colleagues and Field Services Director
Hear from members of the Governmental Relations staff of IASB on how together we can advocate for quality public education and excellence in local school board governance. Learn about the Resolutions Process that results in Position Statements that drive IASB’s advocacy efforts. Discover the resources and support that are available to your board. You will come away from this session with tools that you can use to make your collective voices heard.

Watch Now: Approaching Advocacy
Increase your understanding of OMA best practices. Having completed your required Open Meetings Act training, this webinar offers the opportunity for a deeper discussion surrounding the OMA. Topics to be covered include agendas, remote participation, public participation, exemptions for school boards to hold closed meetings, and general best practices.

Watch Now: Open Meetings Act (OMA): A Deeper Discussion