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IASB staff - including the Association's office of general counsel, governmental relations department, publications department and other staff - work to provide member school districts with the information they need to function effectively. Most of that information includes legal issues, directly or indirectly.

The office of general counsel is staffed with three attorneys. It advises the Association and represents IASB in legal matters, drafts sample policies for the Policy Reference Educational Subscription Service (PRESS), and contributes to many IASB programs and publications. Although it does not provide legal advice as what a school board should or should not do, this office can provide legal information and legal resources to IASB members.

The links below provide access to a wide range of such resources:


Illinois Laws Affecting Schools

Illinois Council of School Attorneys
A directory of attorneys who (a) represent at least one Illinois school district and (b) hold membership in the Illinois Council of School Attorneys (ICSA). Information provided consists of name, law firm, address, telephone and fax numbers, and website if available.

Federal Resources

Special Education

Guidance and Legal Issues

External Resources


Connecting with the Community
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