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Thomas Lay Burroughs Award

Ronald Moehring, board president in Illini Central CUSD 189, is the winner of the 2012 Thomas Lay Burroughs Award.

Moehring was nominated by district superintendent Lori Harrison for the award that honors the state’s top school board president. “(Ron) has been a blessing to Illini Central and to thousands of students and staff,” Harrison wrote in her nomination letter. “He has a dedication, loyalty and love of the Illinois students, staff and community that is second to none.”

Melinda LaBarre of Springfield, a member of the Illinois State Board of Education, presented the award on behalf of ISBE. LaBarre described Moehring as “a farmer and lifelong resident of San Jose,” as being instrumental in making certain that “professional development is very important in his school district.”

She also said he has led a push to improve student achievement by helping to create the Illini Central Learning Academy within the district, designed to assist students who are at risk of dropping out of high school to experience academic success.  

In recent years, Moehring’s board oversaw implementation of several initiatives, including a new grade school language arts curriculum, the new Common Core State Standards and Response to Intervention (RtI), a teaching approach that ensures all children are supported in the learning process.

“But I really learned how essential his role was in the district when a security threat occurred at his high school, and he was one of the first three people at the scene, standing at the door to direct responders,” LaBarre stated.

“We on the board are part of a true leadership team,” Moehring said in accepting the award. “So I thank the past and current administrators for bringing this award about, and I can’t say enough about our superintendent, Mrs. Harrison,” he said.

Moehring has served 17 of his 27 years on the board as president.

District 189 is located 30 miles north of Springfield and serves the Mason City area, including Easton and Moehring’s community, San Jose. The K through grade 12 district has 887 students in four buildings.

The award was presented on Sunday, Nov. 18, at the 80th Joint Annual Conference of the Illinois Association of School Boards, Illinois Association of School Administrators and Illinois Association of School Business Officials.

The Burroughs Award for extraordinary leadership was created in 1991 in memory of the late chairman of the ISBE who also served as president of the Collinsville CUSD 10 board.


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