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The Illinois Channel is a 501 c (3) nonprofit corporation, modeled after C-SPAN, which produces video programming on state government, politics, and public policy. It creates original programming for broadcast on cable access channels across the state, on its website, and on YouTube.

IASB frequently partners with the Illinois Channel to record events, cover special projects, and produce content that is relevant for school board members. The related material is shared through our publications, on our website, and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Illinois Channel acts as the videographer for the Joint Annual Conference, covering panel sessions, capturing events in the exhibit hall, and interviewing authors and guest speakers in attendance.

Below is a list of videos produced by the Illinois Channel featuring IASB related content.


Executive Director Roger Eddy talks about how the lack of state budget could impact the start of school

Executive Director Roger Eddy interview at the 2017 Alliance Leadership Summit

IASA Executive Director Brent Clark interview at the 2017 Alliance Leadership Summit

Illinois ASBO Executive Director Michael Jacoby interview at the 2017 Alliance Leadership Summit

IPA Executive Director Jason Leahy interview at the 2017 Alliance Leadership Summit


2016 Conference: School Safety and Social Media in the 21st Century

2016 Conference: Issues in Education: School Safety, Teacher Shortages, and Funding

2016 Conference: Struggle to fund Education, Medicaid, and Pensions without a budget

2016 Conference: School Safety in the 21st Century

2016 Conference: Political Challenges to Reforming the School Funding Formula

2016 Conference: Superintendent Greg Goins on Education and Technology


2015 Conference interview: Jim Bearden, author of The Relentless Search for Better Ways

2015 Conference: Pension costs affecting education funding

2015 Conference: IASB, IASA, Illinois ASBO executive directors discuss state educational environment

2015 Conference: Effects of state budget battle on Illinois business climate and local government

2015 Conference: Jeff Vose, President of the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools, on budget impasse impacting Illinois education

IASB Executive Director Roger Eddy discusses a variety of state education issues

Executive Directors Explain Vision 20/20 at Leadership Summit

Ralph Martire speaks about budget solutions at Alliance Leadership Summit

Beth Purvis, Rauner administration point-person on education, speaks at Leadership Summit

Barickman, Manar press conference on Vision 20/20 Evidence Based Funding Model


2014 Conference panel: Turning the Corner after the Elections with Gov. Jim Edgar, political analysts Dick Simpson and Jim Nowlan

2014 Conference interview: IASB Field Services Director Patrick Rice, author of Vanishing School Boards

Vision 20/20 press conference: Education Leaders Set Four Primary Goals for the Future

2014 Conference: Executive Directors Roger Eddy and Brent Clark on Vision 20/20

2014 Conference: Illinois ASBO Exec. Director Michael Jacoby on the difficulty of managing school budgets

2014 Conference panel: Legislative Issues Impacting School Districts

2014 Conference: Gov. Edgar one-on-one interview

Ben Schwarm, IASB deputy executive director, on SB 16 funding model

IPA Exec Director Jason Leahy speaks about the effect of school funding and state reforms


2013 Conference interview: Effect of Fraudulent Enrollees on School Districts

2013 Conference panel: What Should Schools do to Prepare for Possible Violence


2012 Conference Panel: Illinois Pension Costs and the Squeeze on Education

2012 Conference interview: Superintendent and author Patrick Anderson on overcoming poverty as a barrier to education

2012 Conference interview: Author Tim Pletkovich-Civil War Fathers: Sons of the Civil War in WWII

2012 Conference panel: Illinois Pension and Financial Crisis hits Schools

2012 Conference: Executive Director Roger Eddy talks key issues for Illinois schools

IASB Executive Director Roger Eddy on pension cost shift concerns

IASB’s Ben Schwarm on dangers of cost shift

IASB Past-President Joe Alesandrini explains support of Illinois Channel


IASB’s Ben Schwarm on issues effecting Illinois school board members

2011 Conference: Illinois Budget Director David Vaught on impact of state finances on education

2011 Conference: Rep. Roger Eddy on impact of budget on school administrators

2011 Conference panel: Illinois’ Financial Challenges and their effect on Education


2010 Conference panel: Free Technology for Classroom Teaching

2010 Conference: Associate Executive Director Jim Russell talks about Annual Conference, issues facing school boards

2010 Conference panel: Reps. Frank Mautino and Roger Eddy-State Revenues and K-12 Education Funding

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