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Alliance Legislative Report 99-29

Distributed via Email: July 1, 2015


Even after the legislature met for two more days this week, there is still no state budget in place as the new fiscal year begins. With the current stalemate between Governor Bruce Rauner and the Democrat-controlled legislature, there has been no agreement on a spending plan for the new year despite the fact that the legislature has met weekly through the month of June. Without some type of budget (either permanent or temporary) in place soon, at least a partial “government shutdown” is likely.

Wednesday, the Senate approved SB 2040 ( Steans, D-Chicago) which contains a one-month temporary state budget that would allow for the continued operation of state government for basic services through July while legislators work on a final budget compromise. The bill was approved along partisan lines on a vote of 37-0-11 and will be sent to the House of Representatives. However, simultaneously the House voted on a substantially similar temporary budget bill (HB 4190) and defeated it on a vote of 67-1-32. 71 votes were required for passage.

The continued funding for most state services is in jeopardy the deeper into July the legislature goes without approving a budget. However, last week the governor signed into law the budget for elementary and secondary education so there are appropriations to run school districts in the new fiscal year.

Senate committees also approved bills to freeze property tax extensions for two years (SB 316) and to add more funding to supplement General State Aid for public schools (SB 2039), but the chamber adjourned before voting on either of these on the Senate floor. The Senate is not scheduled to return until July 14.

The legislature also met on Tuesday and held what have now become routine meetings of the “committee of the whole” in both the Senate and House of Representatives. These exercises have been futile as members discuss rather generic items related to the budget but never target a specific bill or take any votes.

The House is planning to return to the Capitol next Tuesday.


The Illinois Association of School Boards has prepared for the Alliance the annual publication which contains all bills approved by the legislature this year regarding public education. The 2015 Digest of Bills Passed is being printed and a hard copy will be sent to all Alliance members. The publication has already been posted on the IASB website.

This legislative report was written and edited by the lobbyists of the Illinois Association of School Boards to provide information to the members of the organizations that comprise the Statewide School Management Alliance.

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