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Resources on School Finance

Resources on School Finance
For School Board Members and Administrators



  • Essentials of Illinois School Finance, by James B. Fritts — The first part of the book deals with revenue - where schools get it, how they maximize it, protect it, manage it and plan for it. The second half of the book addresses expenditures - how schools budget for them, reduce them, and make plans to deal with them. Together, the two sections provide a solid base for financial management and long-range planning. The final chapter describes the essential role of school board policy in setting standards for fiscal and business affairs. Includes extensive alphabetical subject index.
  • Illinois School Law Survey, by Brian A. Braun — The Survey is a popular layman's guide to school law that uses a question-and-answer format to address issues commonly encountered by school board members and administrators. Answers are based on state and federal statutes, court decisions and government agency regulations. The 27 chapters include four dealing directly with school finance and several others that bear on business affairs. The book comes with a digital version that carries the entire text and index, plus the full text of nearly all statutes, regulations and court cases cited in the book.


The following organizations offer numerous publications that address different aspects of school finance and taxation:


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