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Resources on School Finance

Resources on School Finance
For School Board Members and Administrators

Updated March 2014


Essentials of Illinois School Finance, Sixth Edition, by James B. Fritts, published by the Illinois Association of School Boards, 2012, 168 pages, soft cover, $35 (IASB members, $25), ISBN 978-1-880-33127-9. The first part of the book deals with revenue - where schools get it, how they maximize it, protect it, manage it and plan for it. The second half of the book addresses expenditures - how schools budget for them, reduce them, and make plans to deal with them. Together, the two sections provide a solid base for financial management and long-range planning. The final chapter describes the essential role of school board policy in setting standards for fiscal and business affairs. Includes extensive alphabetical subject index.

Illinois School Law Survey, Twelfth Edition, by Brian A. Braun, published by the Illinois Association of School Boards, 2012, 452 pages, soft cover, $45 (IASB members, $35), ISBN: 978-1-880-33126-2. The Survey is a popular layman's guide to school law that uses a question-and-answer format to address issues commonly encountered by school board members and administrators. Answers are based on state and federal statutes, court decisions and government agency regulations. The 27 chapters include four dealing directly with school finance and several others that bear on business affairs. The book comes with a CD ROM version that carries the entire text and index, plus the full text of nearly all statutes, regulations and court cases cited in the book. The hypertext format is compatible with any standard Web browser, and the searchable index contains hyperlinks to the questions and answers.


Illinois Laws Affecting the School Finance Referendum   – Here's a compilation of some of the laws that school boards and administrators should be aware of as they consider putting a finance proposition to referendum. Covers pertinent election laws, limits on uses of public funds, voter registration and related issues.

Understanding School Finance Booklet answers 12 essential questions about the basics of school finance, from "What is a school district budget?" to "What do we get for the money we spend on education?"

Playing Fair with the Children of Illinois – Booklet   challenges parents and taxpayers to determine for themselves whether their schools are adequately and equitably funded and to seek solutions through more local effort or more state aid. Discusses impact of staffing and program needs, property wealth and tax rates.

Where Does the Lottery Money Go?   – Pamphlet presents questions and answers about the Illinois lottery and its very limited impact on public school funding. Shows the decline in the state's commitment to schools since advent of the lottery.

Position Statements   of the Illinois Association of School Boards, as adopted by the IASB Delegate Assembly. Includes positions on state, local and federal funding for schools.

Finance Election Results   – Data from  recent elections and tables showing success rates of bond issues and tax rate propositions over time.


Financing for Illinois Public Schools, a variety of information from the Illinois State Board of Education at:

Illinois Teacher Salary Schedule Study, 2015-2015, from Illinois State Board of Education at:

Budget Information, the  Illinois State Board of Education Budget for Elementary and Secondary Schools at:


Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Trust (WCSIT) . IASB offers member school boards an effective way to contain the cost of Workers' Compensation coverage. Member districts generally receive dividends on premiums by vote of the trust's board, composed of local school board members and administrators.

Property-Casualty Coverage . The Illinois School District Agency (ISDA) offers a full line of property casualty coverage for interested member districts. A board of regents composed of local school board members and administrators governs the pooled risk management program.

Investment Pool . IASB offers the Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus, an investment pool whose objectives are safety, liquidity and competitive yields for Illinois districts with immediate access to invested funds.

Unemployment Cost Control Program . The Illinois Association of School Boards unemployment cost control program is administered for members by TALX UC Express, a management firm. Fees are determined by the number of employees. Web site provides answers to frequently asked questions about unemployment claims management.

Illinois School District Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium . This program enables school districts to economically and efficiently comply with state and federal drug testing requirements for school bus drivers. It is administered by the Midwest Truckers Association.

Illinois Energy Consortium . The   joint energy-purchasing consortium sponsored by IASB, IASA and IASBO. It is designed to lower utility costs for participating Illinois school districts and community colleges.


The following organizations offer numerous publications that address different aspects of school finance and taxation. Visit their websites to see what is available.

Illinois Association of School Business Officials, Northern Illinois University (1A-103), 108 Carroll Avenue, DeKalb, IL 60115 at:

Illinois State Board of Education,   100 North First Street, Springfield, IL at:

Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois, 430 East Vine Street, Suite A, Springfield, IL 62703 at:


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