Joint Annual Conference

November 17-19, 2023

Create your personal schedule to take with you to Chicago. 

Use this online schedule to filter and view events by day, venue, or topical track. By creating a free SCHED account, you can select events to add to your mobile or desktop calendar. You can also email or print a schedule.

You can sign up for a free SCHED account with your Facebook or Google profiles, or create a separate account.

Here's how to create an account:

  1. Click the "Sign Up" link from the main page
  2. Enter your preferred email address
  3. Enter your first and last name in the name field
  4. Enter a strong password in the password field.
  5. Complete the captcha to accept the terms of service
  6. Select "Create Account"

If you created an account last year with Sched, you can use the same account to log in to this year’s Conference on the mobile app. By default, your Sched account is set to private. Attendees who make their profiles public will have their profile information, including schedules, appear in the attendee directory. Your profile’s privacy setting can be toggled at any time.

Save events to your schedule

You can add any event to your personal schedule by marking the checkbox to the left of the event's title. This allows you to build out a custom schedule for you to easily manage the events you wish to attend. You can also share your custom schedule via email. To access your custom schedule, click on your profile in the upper-left corner, and select "My Sched."

Sync Events with your Calendar

Click here to learn how to sync your event schedule on iOS and Android calendars.


SCHED is a third-party scheduling platform. IASB does not share membership information with SCHED.

Questions? Contact IASB Communications at or ext. 1121.