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Executive Search Process.mp4

Executive Search Process

Learn the steps and review critical aspects choosing a superintendent, assistant superintendent, or other key administrative change

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I've Got This - For Administrative Professionals

I've Got This - For Administrative Professionals

Prepare to laugh a lot and leave with tools to use when self-doubt creeps in.

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Implementing an Effective Superintendent Evaluation Process.mp4

Implementing an Effective Superintendent Evaluation Process

Discover an effective process for superintendent evaluation that strengthens the board/superintendent relationship.

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(8/9/2022) The Equity Journey: Making BIG Moves in Equity

The final Summer Equity Institute webinar will feature three districts that will speak to unique issues that affect larger districts that serve thousands of students and larger communities. This will be a panel discussion feature representatives from Joliet PSD 86, Peoria SD 150 and Champaign CUSD 4 – all of which are making BIG moves in their equity journeys, including the adoption of anti-racism resolutions, implementing calming spaces and flexible learning environments for students, and the institutionalization of cultural knowledge for all. The panel will answer questions, as well as showcase equity initiatives unique to their districts and their student populations.

(7/26/2022) The Equity Journey: Let's Get it Started

Park Forest Chicago Heights SD 163 is in the south suburbs of Chicago with six schools and has an enrollment of nearly 1,600. They have started implementing programs that have an impact on school communities. These programs include addressing teacher pedagogy and its connection to equitable instruction through staff book talks and coaching. They are also creating and extending community programs.

(7/14/2022) The Equity Journey: Going Above and Beyond

Evanston/Skokie SD 65 is on Lake Michigan and north of Chicago. It is a pre-K through eighth grade district serving over 7,000 students from Evanston and a section of Skokie. The district represents a range of different backgrounds. D65 equity journey has included creating the Equity, Family and Community Engagement program that builds relationships and creates teams that include stakeholders.

(6/29/2022) The Equity Journey: Using Data and Collaboration to Make an Impact

CHSD 230 is a diverse community with three public high schools, decided to embrace diversity through study, engagement, student programs, and inclusion of stakeholders, creating a sense of purpose around addressing equity. Join Robert Nolting, Superintendent, to learn about the initial "data dive" that led to experiences, initiatives, and continued focus through the Strategic Planning process.

(6/7/2022) Addressing Race and Culture in Schools: What Effective Leaders Do

Engage in important conversations around race and equity in education and develop the initial level of cultural competencies needed to impact teaching and learning. Join Sonya Whitaker, Ed.D., author and the Deputy Superintendent at Dolton West SD 148, to learn the core competencies school board members need to better ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion are implemented successfully.

(4/20/2022) Mapping Your District's Equity Journey

Join members of the Illinois Council of School Attorneys Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee to discuss how to identify where you are on your equity journey and where you want to be, while planning for potholes, traffic jams, or express lanes along the way.

(2/3/2022) The Equity Journey Continuum

The Equity Journey Continuum is an informational tool to help districts view data through an equity lens to identify gaps in student achievement, opportunities, and supports.

(1/12/2022) EDI and The Language We Use

Discover how words are used and misused, how to make better word choices, and how to bring less bias and more inclusion and clarity to your words.

(2/25/2021) Living Our Mission: Our Journey in Working to Create Educational Equity in Champaign Unit 4

From the spring 2021 Illini Virtual Division Meeting

(11/19/2020) A Taste of Equity: An Educational Imperative

It takes both personal and organizational change to create educational equity in a school district. Explore how YOU can assist in creating an equitable school district for ALL students.

(8/6/2020) Are you Listening? Promoting Equity Through Student Voice at the Board Table

Latonya Simelton, Oswego SD 308 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator, and representatives from the SD 308 Board of Education will discuss their journey in magnifying student voices around equity and inclusion, and discuss steps your district can take to promote student voice at the board table.

(2/2/23) Focusing the Board on Renovation

The board plays a major role in the maintenance of facilities, including planning for summer renovations. Districts should review the five-year maintenance program at regular board meetings, selecting projects to be completed and finding the funding. Terry Fielden, Vice President at International Contractors and a former board member at Naperville CUSD 203, will be joined by a panel of practitioners regarding the expectations of board planning and funding for facility renovations.

(1/26/2023) The Future is Now - Why This is the Best Time to Go Green?

How can solar, storage, and electric school buses earn district revenue and maximize energy savings? Join Econergy CEO Haj Young and Williamsfield CUSD 210 Superintendent Tim Farquer to learn about a collaboration that installed and utilizes megawatts of solar and have written for millions of dollars in grants.

(1/12/2023) The Pension Problem: What Does It Mean?

When we hear about Illinois' pension funding challenges, what does it mean? While school districts have no direct control over the “pension problem,” this webinar will help you to understand how we got here at the state and local levels, how it impacts your district, and ideas for the future. Join Tom Reedy and Tom Crabtree from Stifel and Jim Snyder from Ice Miller for this timely discussion.

(8/18/2022) Your District and the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

Illinois school districts are responsible for funding support staff pensions with the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. Join IMRF Field Representative Mandy Beedie-Powers for an informative session regarding the funding of the system, the benefits for employees, and your board's responsibility as one of almost 3,000 employers within the system.

(8/4/2022) Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System: What Board Members Should Know

The Illinois General Assembly created the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois (TRS) in 1939 for the purpose of providing retirement annuities, and disability and survivor benefits for educators employed in public schools outside the city of Chicago. Join Rich Frankenfeld, Director of Outreach for an overview of the system and its relationship to Illinois School Districts.

(5/19/2022) Basics of Finance: Expenditures

Join Scott Beranek, Business Manager/CSBO from Lindop SD 92 and Katie Hannigan, Business Manager/CSBO from LaGrange Highlands SD 106 for an informative discussion of school district expenditure topics, including fund accounting, coding of expenditures, and the report of expenditures at the district level.

(5/12/2022) Basics of Finance: Revenues

Learn about the property tax cycle, Evidence-Based Funding, and other sources of revenue for school districts from Kyle Harding, Partner at Chapman and Cutler LLP; and Steve Miller, Executive Director for Business Operations at Schaumburg CCSD 54.

(8/26/2021) Budget time! What Board Members Need to Know

School boards across the state are approving district budgets for the upcoming year. What do board members need to know? What questions should be asked? How does the board monitor this work? Join Diane Robertson, former superintendent and current Illinois Association of School Administrator's Field Services Director for this timely topic.

(3/5/2021) Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts

From the spring 2021 Starved Rock Virtual Division Meeting.

(3/3/2021) Communicating with the Public about School Finances

From the spring 2021 Northwest Virtual Division Meeting

(3/16/2023) Executive Search Process

Selecting a superintendent may be the most important responsibility a board undertakes. Learn the steps and review critical aspects in a webinar designed to assist a district anticipating a superintendent, assistant superintendent, business manager, director, principal, or other key administrative change. Join the IASB Executive Searches team to hear more information and discuss your questions.

(2/23/2023) Superintendent Evaluation: Now is the time to begin

Superintendent evaluation only seems difficult if you have not completed the necessary upfront work that leads to success. Join this school leader panel discussing an effective process for superintendent evaluation that strengthens the board/superintendent relationship. SuperEval is an online platform for education leadership evaluations. The platform is customizable, allowing a user to determine the rubric for each evaluation, select the competencies or professional practices to be included, co-create annual performance goals, and collaborate on the superintendent evaluation process.

(9/8/2022) The Value of School Communications

Communicating the right message at the right time to the right audience can be the difference between success and failure. Learn how to navigate district communications from Tom Jackson, APR, Director of Communications & Community Engagement, School District 45, DuPage County; Tom Hernandez, Director of Community Relations, Plainfield CCSD 202; and Brett Clark, APR, Director of Communications, Maine THSD 207.


(7/28/2022) Identifying, Recruiting, and Mentoring Future School Board Members

A board’s responsibility includes maintaining leadership, even as it experiences turnover. This allows the governance team to continue current projects through to completion, ensure the board’s stewardship continues, and encourage others to explore school board service. Join IASB’s Kara Kienzler and Dean Langdon to discuss the board's role in recruiting the next generation of leaders.

(6/30/2022) Recruiting, Retaining, and Sustaining Innovative Principals

Principal leadership matters. Common sense tells us so, and research confirms it. Join Jason Leahy, Executive Director of the Illinois Principals Association to learn how to attract, keep, and invest in innovative principals.

(5/10/2022) Effective Resolutions: Your Voice for Change

Do state and federal laws frustrate your board of education’s initiatives? Join the IASB Resolutions Process and spark change for Illinois schools. In this webinar, the IASB Governmental Relations staff will discuss how your board of education can write and submit a resolution proposal and support it through the process to the Delegate Assembly. Plus, we introduce changes to the 2022 process.

(4/28/2022) When Online Critics Attack

How do you deal with social media criticism? Is it better to respond or remain silent? How do you handle an angry email? Join Brad Hughes, communications expert and former Kentucky School Boards Association staff member, as he covers these and other communications topics relevant to school board members.

(4/14/2022) Legislative Session Recap

The IASB Governmental Relations team will talk through the big issues, from the spring legislative session, that school district leadership teams need to be aware of. We will cover victories for schools, bills that will present a challenge, and how to stay engaged with the legislative process.

(12/9/2021) Strategies to Protect Your District from Ransomware

Districts across the country have seen an increase in cyber and ransomware attacks. Get a basic understanding of these issues, understand the district’s action plan, and identify resources to support security efforts. Join David Schuler, Ph.D. and Tony Schlorff from THSD 214 (Arlington Heights) for this critical discussion.

(10/28/2021) Be a Better Board: Governance Lessons to Help You Improve

Effective boards clarify purpose, connect with the community, and monitor performance, all while maintaining productive relationships with the superintendent and each other. Join members of three boards — all School Board Governance Recognition honorees — to learn more about how they lead their districts with pride. Leading the discussion will be Eric Cowan from Mt. Pulaski CUSD 23, Michael McCormick of Geneva CUSD 304, and Judith Weinstock from Glenbard THSD 87.

(9/9/2021) Board & Superintendent: Proactive and Productive

Board members and superintendents have complementary roles. Boards focus on governing and superintendents focus on running the district. We need both parties to be proactive in maintaining a productive relationship. Learn from Superintendent Bhavna Sharma-Lewis and Board President Joy Hail from Diamond Lake School District 76 as they discuss how their relationship works for the benefit of the entire district.

(8/9/2021) Approaching Advocacy

Hear from members of the Governmental Relations staff of IASB on how together we can advocate for quality public education and excellence in local school board governance. Learn about the Resolutions Process that results in Position Statements that drive IASB’s advocacy efforts. Discover the resources and support that are available to your board. You will come away from this session with tools that you can use to make your collective voices heard.

(6/23/2021) Legislative Session Recap

The IASB Governmental Relations team talk through the big issues, from the spring legislative session, that school district leadership teams need to be aware of. We cover victories for schools, bills that present a challenge, and how to stay engaged with the legislative process.

(3/25/2021) Responding to the Budgetary and Funding Impacts of Illinois

From the spring 2021 South Cook Virtual Divison Meeting

(3/11/2021) Maximizing Student Learning During COVID

From the spring 2021 Kishwaukee Virtual Divison Meeting

(3/11/2021) The First 100 Days: Welcoming Your New Board Members To the Team

Join Dr. John Bartelt and Matthew Boebel from Bloomingdale SD 13 to learn about their journey in creating an orientation process and board handbook. In addition, learn the key steps to take in the first 100 days to help new members feel welcome.

(3/9/2021) Building Equity through Individualized Student Success Plans

From the spring 2021 Shawnee Virtual Division Meeting.

(3/5/2021) The New Normal: Social and Emotional Support for Everyone

From the spring 2021 Blackhawk Virtual Division Meeting.

(3/5/2021) The Art of School Boarding with Jim Burgett

From the spring 2021 Three Rivers Virtual Division Meeting.

(3/4/2021) The Art of Painless Negotiating

Negotiations are meant to expand relationships based on trust and lead to positive communication. Join Lisa M. Harrod and Jacob Emerson from Manteno CUSD 5 as they share strategies on preparing for negotiations, the role of the administration in creating proposals for the board, and how culture and climate prep work come into play before sitting down at the table together.

(3/2/2021) Mental Health First Aid for Students

From the spring 2021 Wabash Virtual Division Meeting

(3/2/2021) Unfinished Leadership - Michael Lubelfeld, Ed.D. and Nick Polyak, Ed.D. 

From the spring 2021 West Cook Virtual Division Meeting

(2/25/2021) Parliamentary Procedure for the Novice

Is it always in order to move to table a motion to the next meeting? How do I motion to refer to a committee? What good is Robert's Rules of Order? Learn answers to these questions and more in an overview of Robert's Rules that will focus on the fundamentals necessary to run an efficient meeting.

(10/29/2020) Working Together Effectively for Improved Student Outcomes

Leadership and governance may be two of the most important needs of our time. In periods of uncertainty, communities, families, students, and staff need all the stability we can provide. Learn more about what governance research suggests is most effective, and recommit to leading with vision and collaboration for improving student achievement in your school district.

(10/1/2020) Strengthening your Core in a Time of Chaos

Gina Watts is an advocate, author, speaker, educator, and leader with a heart for service. Join Watts for a conversation designed to equip and empower leaders as they navigate challenges in the midst of crisis. An executive director with the John Maxwell Team of speakers, Watts will discuss the impact of COVID-19 as well as social unrest as it relates to systemic racism in our country.

(9/24/2020) Working Together as an Effective Board

Join Board Presidents Kathleen Conlon-Wasik, Kevin Daniels, and John Smith as they discuss the importance of working together effectively, leading to School Board Governance Recognition.

(9/3/2020) Virtual Education: Are Your Students Engaging…AND Learning?

 Join Michael English and Adam Cibulka from Forecast5 and Illinois superintendents John Langton from Addison SD 4 and Robert McBride from Lockport THSD 205 to discuss live data dashboards, connecting core student information to classroom activity data streams to track the quality of engagement in a virtual environment.

(7/23/2020) 14 Ways for School Boards to Improve School Mental Health

There is a mental health epidemic facing schools across the nation. Comprehensive school mental health systems build the foundations for schools to be able to create thriving environments and develop sustainable supports. Learn how a school board can be a vital partner.

(2/26/2020) Great Expectations: Board Member Responsibilities When Facing Community Dissent

The First Amendment, Illinois Open Meetings Act, and other rules and laws set forth important limitations on responses that boards and board members can take, even when a community member’s actions are arguably disruptive. Learn the key issues every board member should know on this important issue.

(1/10/2018) Board Members, Where in the World are your Social Media Policies?

Discover what policies/procedures apply to your social media usage and where you can find them.

(12/6/2022) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 110: Timely Updates for Your Board

The long-awaited PRESS Issue 110 is here! Join the PRESS Editors for a webinar to review new and updated material in response to bills passed during the second half of the 102nd General Assembly, regulatory updates, and miscellaneous and five-year review updates. Following the issue review, stay with us for an overview of customized PRESS Plus Issue 110.

(5/17/2022) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 109: Spring Cleaning Edition

Join the PRESS Editors to do some spring cleaning of your policy manuals. We will review materials updated in response to the release of ISBE’s anaphylaxis model policy, the Health Care Right of Conscience Act, the Open Meetings Act, five-year reviews and other miscellaneous updates. Following the issue review, stay with us for an overview of customized PRESS Plus Issue.

(12/7/2021) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 108: Keeping Your Board Up to Date

The long-awaited PRESS Issue 108 is here! Join the PRESS Editors for a two-part webinar to review new and updated material in response to the hundreds of bills passed by the 102nd General Assembly, as well as miscellaneous and five-year updates. We’ll review PRESS Issue 108 and then cover customized PRESS Plus Issue 108.

(8/25/2021) Open Meetings Act (OMA): A Deeper Discussion

Increase your understanding of OMA best practices. Having completed your required Open Meetings Act training, this webinar offers the opportunity for a deeper discussion surrounding the OMA. Topics to be covered include agendas, remote participation, public participation, exemptions for school boards to hold closed meetings, and general best practices.

(6/24/2021) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 107: Conviction Records, SOPPA, and Summer Clean-up!

The long-awaited PRESS Issue 107 is here! Join the PRESS Editors to review new and updated material in response to PA 101-656 (use of conviction records), the Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA), and more, plus five-year review updates. Then stay tuned for a look at customized PRESS Plus Issue 107.

(12/3/2020) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 106 Housekeeping

Join the PRESS Editors on December 3, 2020 as we review additional new and updated material in response to the Education Omnibus Act, changes based on Illinois State Board of Education rules updates and guidance, and five-year review updates.

(8/19/2020) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 105: Get Aligned With Title IX

The PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 105 feature new and updated material in response to new Title IX regulations.

(7/9/2020) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 104: The Spring 2020 Triple Whammy!

March came in like a lion with the COVID-19 pandemic, but there were no lambs in sight this spring, creating a triple whammy of Policy Reference Manual updates in June PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 104.

(6/30/2020) PRESS Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Join us to hear the answers to frequently asked questions about how to get the most out of PRESS Plus, IASB’s customized, full-maintenance policy updating service.

(4/9/2020) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 103: Clean Up From the Legislative Storm

The legislative storm unleashed in the first year of the 101st General Assembly left much debris in its path, leading to a needed cleanup in March PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 103.

(11/14/2019) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 102: In the Eye of the Legislative Storm

The legislative storm is here with PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 102, which affects the largest number of Policy Reference Manual (PRM) pages in the publication’s history.

(8/25/2022) Introduction to Social Emotional Learning in Illinois

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) leads to beneficial outcomes for students and schools. Join Ryan Wamser and Matt Weld from ROE 40 and the Area 5 SEL Hub to learn what SEL looks like in schools and what current state initiatives can mean for districts as they strengthen their work in supporting student and staff mental health, resiliency, and equity.

(9/2/2021) Handling Hostile Questions While Standing Your Ground

Given the open nature of school board meetings and the contentious issues addressed, knowing how to handle hostile questions and comments in the horseshoe is a key success skill for board members. This skill is about treating the question and questioner with respect and thus earning respect as a leader. The skill makes it easier for others to hear your perspective, without changing or softening your point of view. This session will introduce a method for handling hostile questions and invite members to practice handling hostile questions in break-out groups. Jim Bolton, a consultant, trainer, and executive coach from Ridge Training, will present.

(8/9/2021) Approaching Advocacy

Hear from members of the Governmental Relations staff of IASB on how together we can advocate for quality public education and excellence in local school board governance. Learn about the Resolutions Process that results in Position Statements that drive IASB’s advocacy efforts. Discover the resources and support that are available to your board. You will come away from this session with tools that you can use to make your collective voices heard.

(8/5/2021) Working Through Conflict and Gridlock

Conflict is defined as “competing needs accompanied by high emotion.” When people are flooded by emotions they become defensive, triggering defensiveness in others. Learn to de-escalate negativity and emotional gridlock that block the ability to address the important needs underlying strong points of view. Jim Bolton, a consultant, trainer, and executive coach from Ridge Training, will present.

(7/20/2021) Emotional Regulation: How to Stay Centered in The Storm

Stress pushes us to primitive parts of our brain, focused on survival instead of essential problem-solving skills for decision-making. Understanding emotional regulation will help board members function in meetings and guide understanding of student dysregulation and the importance of emotional regulation in schools. Presented by Licensed Clinical Psychologist Doug Bolton, Ph.D.

(7/6/2021) Building Mutual Understanding, Trust, and Respect Through Listening

Listening is the master skill underlying all communication. Intentional listening enhances board members’ understanding of the needs and goals of different viewpoints and improves relationships with stakeholders. Learn the skills required to be a better listener and to listen effectively when it counts. Jim Bolton, a consultant, trainer, and executive coach from Ridge Training, will present.

(6/1/2021) Communicating with Candor

High-stakes conversations have “candor moments,” when we feel strongly but can’t articulate it. In such moments, some people “bail out,” overwhelmed or shut down. Others “bruise” (metaphorically) by being harsh or overly assertive. Learn a third way, the way of candor, for respectful and open conversation. Jim Bolton, a consultant, trainer, and executive coach from Ridge Training, will present.

(5/10/2021) Introduction to Social and Emotional Leadership Skills

Join us for the first in a series of leadership webinars for Illinois school board members. Learn the social and emotional dynamics that underlie success and the skills that can help you be more effective in your role. In any learning community, student social and emotional learning begins with the adults, and it is essential that school boards understand SEL and how it applies. Doug Bolton, Ph.D. and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, is our presenter.

(2/9/2023) Beyond March 2020: High Quality Virtual Learning

What does high-quality virtual learning look, sound, and feel like? In summer 2022, Edmentum released a series of case studies to help schools and districts as they incorporate virtual learning. Join Illinois Partnership Director Jason Eggert to learn the characteristics, based on the research, of high-quality virtual learning.

(3/31/2022) Student Voices on K-12 Education in Illinois

Each year a group of students is chosen from around the state to be student advisors to the Illinois State Board of Education. Join representatives of the Student Advisory Council as they share perspectives on topics such as the state response to COVID 19; achievement gaps; the diversity, equity, and inclusion framework; the teacher shortage; and the safety and emotional well-being of students.

(9/2/2021) What is Critical Race Theory?

Join Adrienne D. Dixson, Ph.D., from the University of Illinois, for a presentation on Critical Race Theory. What are the origins? What is it, and how is it different from what we teach in K-12 education?

(7/29/2021) Youth Suicide in Illinois: Data, Strategy, and Action for Prevention

Focusing on school systems in Illinois, join Northwestern University Professor Maryann Mason, Ph.D., and a panel of advocates for a discussion of youth suicide and how schools can work to prevent it.

(5/20/2021) Learning and Looking Ahead: Lessons from Three District Superintendents

This past year required strong, steady educational leadership as well as an eye toward opportunities. Join Illinois Superintendents Kathy Clark (Johnson City CUSD 1), Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat (Peoria SD 150) and Kevin Russell (Downers Grove GSD 58) for a discussion of lessons learned this year and how these lessons will inform the opening of school in the fall.

(5/6/2021) Safe2Help Illinois: Seek Help Before Harm

Safe2Help Illinois offers students a safe, confidential way to share information that might help prevent suicides, bullying, school violence, or other threats to school safety. This program is not intended to suspend, expel, or punish students but to get students to “Seek Help Before Harm.” Join Don Kauerauf, Chair of the Illinois Terrorism Taskforce (ITTF) to learn more about this program and how it can assist students in your district.