Resources on School Finance for School Board Members and Administrators

Association Positions on School Finance 

  • Position Statements — Adopted by the IASB Delegate Assembly. Includes positions on state, local, and federal funding for schools.

School Finance Referenda

  • Finance election results — IASB maintains a database of school finance election results for bond issues (working cash and building bonds), school tax rate propositions, and county school facilities sales tax outcomes.

Sources of School Funding

Books on School Finance

  • Essentials of Illinois School Finance, by James B. Fritts — An effective reference for school business managers, budget makers, and anyone who needs to understand school finance. 

  • Illinois School Law Survey, by Brian A. Braun — This resource book uses a question-and-answer format to address issues commonly encountered by school board members and administrators. Answers are based on state and federal statutes, court decisions and government agency regulations. Four chapters deal directly with school finance.

Other Resources

The following organizations offer numerous publications that address different aspects of school finance and taxation: