Community Engagement

Connecting with the Community

IASB’s Foundational Principles of Effective Governance note that the primary task of the school board is to continually define, articulate, and redefine district ends to answer the recurring question: “Who gets what benefits for how much?” In order to define those ends and clarify the district’s vision, mission, and goals, the school board needs to connect with its community around the aspirations that people have for their local schools.

While many school districts do very good work public relations work, Community Engagement involves much more than that. It requires an ongoing, two-way conversation that enables the school board to hear and understand the community’s educational aspirations and desires, to serve effectively as an advocate for district improvement, and to accurately inform the community of the district’s performance.

IASB offers Community Engagement sessions at the Joint Annual Conference, as well as in-district workshops on the purpose and process of Community Engagement.

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