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September/October 2012

Multiple opportunities open for leadership roles
by Laurel DiPrima

Laurel DiPrima, IASB field services director for the Kishwaukee, Northwest and Starved Rock divisions, answers the question for this issue.

Question: “How can I get more involved in IASB and its leadership?”

Answer: There are a number of ways school board members can become more involved in IASB.

At the local board level, every member district has the opportunity to appoint an IASB governing board representative. This individual serves as the primary liaison between his/her local board of education and the Association.

A governing board representative receives meeting notices, newsletters and other correspondence from IASB. He/she encourages fellow board members to attend division dinner meetings and other IASB sponsored events.

A governing board representative is generally the board member who represents the board at the Delegate Assembly held each November during the Joint Annual Conference in Chicago. The Delegate Assembly considers and votes on resolutions submitted by member districts which, when approved, become the basis for the Association’s stance on legislation and related matters of public policy.

The Delegate Assembly also elects the Association’s officers for the coming year.

Your division’s bylaws will guide member participation at the division level. Typically the governing board representative or designee votes on matters that come before the division membership and, in some divisions, assists in planning programs for division dinner meetings. If you would be interested in serving your board in this capacity, let your fellow board members know.

A great way to participate in IASB leadership is to become involved at the division level. IASB divides the state into 21 geographical regions as a basis for governance and for service delivery.

Each division has its own governing committee usually consisting of a chair, vice-chair, a resolutions chair and sometimes several “at large” committee members. Most importantly, each division elects a director who serves on the IASB Board of Directors.

Not unlike your own school board, the IASB Board of Directors has supervision, control and direction of Association affairs, makes policy decisions and has budget oversight. The Board meets at least quarterly and includes not only the 21 division directors but the Association’s elected officers, the immediate past president, a designee from the Chicago Public Schools board and a member of IASB Service Associates.

Division officers are elected according to the bylaws of each division, usually following the biennial school board elections. For more information on the responsibilities of executive committee members, please visit

If you don’t feel you have the time to be involved in IASB leadership on an ongoing basis, there are other opportunities to help which may take no more than one day.

Each year, our board development department looks for board members interested in evaluating the proposals submitted for the “Share the Success” panels presented at the Joint Annual Conference. Two panels of reviewers, one in the IASB Springfield office and one in the Lombard office, come together for a day to review, evaluate and make recommendations on which panels to consider.

Also, from time to time, we look for boards willing to pilot newly developed IASB workshops. The feedback received from these boards is invaluable as we make presentations ready for “prime time.”

This is your Association. We value your participation at whatever level you have the time and interest.   If you have questions about any of the opportunities mentioned, please contact your field services director.

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