IASB Call-to-Action (Oppose SB 990)

Delivered via email: May 11, 2023

Senate Bill 990 mandates school districts to secure two property appraisals prior to any sale of property larger than 5 acres and requires the school district to offer the property to a local municipality at the average price of the two appraisals. This completely undermines school district authority. These constraints greatly limit the ability of the school board to fulfill its duty to be fiscally responsible stewards of taxpayer funds, by not allowing the district to sell property at its highest potential value. The inequitable legislation targets only school districts.  

Furthermore, SB 990 allows the municipalities to purchase the property at a lower price and then sell the property for a profit, taking funds away from school districts, and negatively impacting students and our communities. Currently, Government Relations staff is continuing to monitor for additional amendments that could include language provided by the IASB legal team, but as of now, we consider this horrible public policy that targets and unfairly disadvantages school districts. 

Each of you has an opportunity to let your voice be heard to halt this legislation. Please join us in communicating IASB positions on this proposal. Your voice truly does make a difference. Click on the button below to send an email to legislators. 

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