IASB Call-To-Action 102-01

Delivered via emai: March 16, 2021

Oppose House Bill 7

Thank you for letting your voice be heard on the issue of forced consolidation. House Bill 7 would force school district consolidation across the State of Illinois. Consolidation is a local decision and it should remain that way, and a detailed plan for voter-initiated consolidation exists in current law. Due to the advocacy of school leaders, over 1800 emails  have  been sent opposing forced school consolidation. With House Bill 7 up for a committee vote tomorrow, March 17 at 2 p.m we are asking that you send the members of the committee an additional email to voice your opposition to HB7. Let your voice be heard!
Want to do more? You can fill out a witness slip for the committee. Make sure to mark the witness slip as “Opponent” and “Record of Appearance Only.” If you are having any difficulty filling out a witness slip, follow these instructions.