IASB Call-to-Action (Oppose HB 2784)

Delivered via email: March 8, 2023

IASB Call-to-Action — Oppose HB 2784

We need your help. HB 2784 (Hirschauer, D-West Chicago) will be heard at 2 p.m. this afternoon in the House Labor & Commerce Committee.

Please contact the sponsor, chair, and members of the committee to let them know how this would affect your local district. Join us in communicating the IASB opposition to this proposal. Your voice truly does make a difference. Simply click the Take Action button below. The IASB system enables you to send a message to all with just a few clicks.

We also appreciate those of you who have already filed a witness slip. For those of you who have not yet done so, please use the link to the bill below.


HB 2784 (Hirschauer, D-West Chicago) would create a new minimum wage for school district employees who provide educational support services. Statewide FISCAL IMPACT would be nearly half a billion dollars in early estimates.

Witness Slip Instructions: Click on the highlighted bill below and then fill out the Witness Slip page. Under Section II. Representation, fill in Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB). Choose your position, Oppose, for this one, and check the “Record of Appearance Only” box. Accept the Terms of agreement and click “Create Slip”. You should get a confirmation box. (Note: The system does not like abbreviations with periods. Use Dr instead of Dr. if you have issues.)