Journal Resources May/June 2021

Front Page
By Theresa Kelly Gegen
New Board Member page on the IASB website
Leadership Letter: Questions from the Balcony about ESSER3
By Thomas E. Bertrand
The Illinois State Board of Education publishes district allocations, along with the process for applying for ESSER3 funds, on its website.
Welcome to the Board
By Theresa Kelly Gegen
IASB has packaged the state-mandated training with the Basics of Governance in its online New Board Member Training Bundle.
Publications of Note for New Board Members
IASB Bookstore
Parliamentary Procedure Primer
Adapted from “Parliamentary Procedure for the Novice” by Dee Molinare
Robert’s Rules of Order
Parliamentary Procedure for the Novice webinar and handout
Roberts Rules Cheat Sheet, University of North Carolina