March/April 2021

Schools Fulfill Vital Role in Community Recovery

By the Re-Build America’s School Infrastructure Coalition

Before there was COVID-19, and sure to be after, school districts face natural disasters and other emergencies that directly and indirectly impact their facilities. Unfortunately, school facilities are still in harm’s way. … With 100,000 public schools, in multiple buildings, spread across multi-acre sites, it is not surprising that America’s public schools find themselves in the path of natural disasters. Our public schools need to keep our children safe, but public school facilities also play a major role
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Reprinted and adapted with permission. The [Re]Build America’s School Infrastructure Coalition (BASIC) is a non-partisan coalition of civic, government, and industry organizations who support federal funding to help underserved public school districts modernize their facilities. BASIC is fighting to secure significant Congressional support to prioritize public school infrastructure into the nation’s larger infrastructure agenda and invest $100 billion to modernize our public school facilities over 10 years — creating an estimated 1.8 million American jobs. Original publication and references are available via the Journal’s resource page at