March/April 2021

BASIC Advice for Federal Funding of School Infrastructure

By the Re-Build America’s School Infrastructure Coalition

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the basic inadequacies and strong inequities of our nation’s public-school facilities infrastructure described above. The deficiencies in air quality, cluttered and crowded classrooms, and lavatories in poor condition are examples of persistent problems caused by capital disin­vestment that impair adherence to public health measures for safe reopening and operation of our pub­lic schools during the pandemic.
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Reprinted and adapted with permission. The [Re]Build America’s School Infrastructure Coalition (BASIC) is a non-partisan coalition of civic, government, and industry organizations who support federal funding to help underserved public school districts modernize their facilities. BASIC is fighting to secure significant Congressional support to prioritize public school infrastructure into the nation’s larger infrastructure agenda and invest $100 billion to modernize our public school facilities over 10 years — creating an estimated 1.8 million American jobs. Original publication and references are available via the Journal’s resource page at