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Cover Stories

  • Why Intervene Early?

    By the Ounce of Prevention Fund
    Babies’ brains are quite literally wired to learn. This rapid absorption of information creates new neural connections and builds the architecture of a baby’s brain.
  • Strengthening the Early Childhood Education Continuum

    By Tom Keily, Alyssa Evans, and Bruce Atchison, Education Commission of the States
    Research suggests that high-quality early childhood education may help close achievement gaps. Separate from some exemplar local programs that align across the continuum from birth to third grade, policymakers are seeking ways to scale similar alignment at the state level.
  • Early Childhood Student Learning Outcomes

    From The State We’re In 2019 by Advance Illinois
    Illinois must significantly expand access to quality early childhood programs if we hope to increase kindergarten readiness, eliminate achievement gaps and improve education outcomes.

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