January/February 2020

Journal Resources January/February 2020

Full Count: Illinois Education and the 2020 Census

By Theresa Kelly Gegen
The decennial census is the largest peacetime mobilization in the United States. On the national level, decisions are made based on the census that impact everyone living in the U.S. On the local level, one missed individual, especially a school-aged child, can cost a community thousands of dollars over time. The census draws together communities for a common cause: gathering the fairest possible share of resources.
Statistics in Schools: https://www.census.gov/schools/
ISBE information: https://www.isbe.net/census
Illinois Census 2020: https://www.illinoiscensus2020.com/
Chicago Region: https://www.census.gov/about/regions/chicago.html


Story Time for School Districts

By Theresa Kelly Gegen
Upon the release of the 2019 Illinois Report Card, the Illinois State Board of Education encouraged public school districts in Illinois to use the data to tell their stories – celebrate improvements, acknowledge progress, and identify challenges.

ISBE's guidance: https://www.isbe.net/reportcard
IRC hmepage find your district and school: https://www.illinoisreportcard.com/

K-12 Cybersecurity: The Role of the School Board

COMMENTARY by Doug Levin
Born in the 20th century, most school board members are not experts in issues of technology, much less cybersecurity. Nonetheless, they are charged with creating policy and performing oversight of schools that are growing increasingly reliant on 21st century technology for teaching, learning, assessment, and school operations.

K12 Cybersecure: https://k12cybersecure.com/
NSCA Center for Safe Schools: https://www.nsba4safeschools.org/safeschools/topics/cyber-security

Highlights from the 2019 Joint Annual Conference


Partnerships Create Pathways to Meet Illinois’ Teacher Shortage

COMMENTARY by William “Bill” Marzano
A comprehensive and integrated human resource management strategy is comprised of three components: recruitment, training, and retention. These key components of a strategic plan to meet the teacher shortage in Illinois were presented to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) in November 2019, in effort to leverage the state’s higher education system to efficiently train the future educators needed to meet the statewide teacher shortage.

Scaling Education Pathways in Illinois (SEPI) program: https://news.siu.edu/2019/05/052919-teachers-start-grant.php).

Data were derived from the website CollegeCalc: www.collegecalc.org/colleges/illinois.
Elgin Community College Cohort 2+2: https://www.cedu.niu.edu/c-and-i/academic-programs/elgin-community-college-cohort.shtml