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Cover Stories

  • School leaders show up to learn, share, connect

    By Kara Kienzler; photographs by Michael Hudson; design by Katie Grant
    Public school leaders, educators, and innovators from across the state gathered in Chicago to participate in the 87th Joint Annual Conference with the Illinois Association of School Boards, Illinois Association of School Administrators, and Illinois Association of School Business Officials. 

Feature Articles

  • Full Count: Illinois Education and the 2020 Census

    By Theresa Kelly Gegen

    The decennial census is the largest peacetime mobilization in the United States. ... The census draws together communities for a common cause: gathering the fairest possible share of resources. The education community in Illinois has a stake in an accurate count.

  • Story Time for School Districts

    By Theresa Kelly Gegen
    Districts throughout the state ... have not only dug into the Illinois Report Card data to assess their progress and goals, but have also shared stories derived from that information with their communities. 

Regular Features


  • K-12 Cybersecurity: The Role of the School Board

    Commentary by Doug Levin
    Four questions for boards of education to ask on the topic of cybersecurity risk management.
  • Partnerships Create Pathways to Meet Illinois’ Teacher Shortage

    Commentary by William “Bill” Marzano
    In addressing the teacher shortage in Illinois, a comprehensive and integrated human resource management strategy is comprised of three components: recruitment, training, and retention. Here's a proposal for leveraging the state’s higher education system to efficiently train the future educators needed.