Resources September/October 2019

Leadership Letter: Successes and challenges
By Thomas E. Bertrand
Since 1969 PDK International has surveyed Americans to assess public opinion about educational issues. In August, PDK released the latest poll results. The results allow school leaders to separate in John Draper’s words, “the ‘truth’ from the ‘talk’ about public education.” 
2019 PDK survey

From the Field: So, You’re the Board President!
By Dee Molinare
Congratulations! Your school board has decided you should be the board president. Now what? Most likely, you are a seasoned board member and have experienced the president’s role from across the table. Your predecessor had qualities and style you want to emulate, or not. It is your time to lead, which requires some thought and a definite understanding of the role.
Robert's Rules Cheat Sheet

Superintendent Salaries: Data as a Piece of Art
By Lora Wolff and Denny Barr
Rarely would anyone other than a statistician consider a set of data to be a work of art. When the average person looks at a large data set, whether it be weather measures over time to prove or disprove climate change, returns on investment over time for stocks, or the compensation packages for superintendents in the state of Illinois, most would quickly get lost in the numbers and lose perspective on what those numbers really mean. However, just like a painting or a sculpture, data sets tell multiple and varied stories, depending on how a person looks at them.
ISBE Education Data Systems

National Salary Trends Mirror Illinois’
By Theresa Kelly Gegen
AASA, the School Superintendents Association, conducts an annual survey tracking “the demographics, salary, benefits and other elements of the employment contracts of school superintendents throughout the country.”
AASA Survey

Not the Same: Principal, Assistant Principal Salaries Vary by Region, District Type
By Lora Wolff and Denny Barr
Disparity can be defined as a lack of similarity. Anyone who grew up watching “Sesame Street,” knows the song that was played regularly on the show. The lyrics went something like, “One of these things is not like the others. One of these things is not the same. Can you tell me which of these things is not like the others by the time I finish this song?” In examining the principal and assistant principal salaries in Illinois by district type (elementary, high school, and unit) and by region (East Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and West Central), “disparity” sums up the situation across the state.
Sesame Street classic video, "One of these things..."
ISBE Education Data Systems