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Feature Articles

  • Stress, stressors, superintendents, and school boards

    By Adam Ehrman and Lora Wolff
    A survey conducted by former and current superintendents in Illinois leads to the conclusion that school boards should consider stressors and the impacts of stress on school superintendents, both in terms of the individual's physical and mental health and the long-term impacts on the school district.
  • The ideal superintendent candidate as viewed by Illinois school board members and superintendents

    By Dean Romano
    A survey of school board members and a qualitative interview process outlines the key characteristics for success in the superintendency.
  • Trends in collective bargaining in 2019

    By Melissa D. Sobota and Shelli L. Anderson
    Changes, including a new governor, an amendment to the Illinois Pension Code, the U.S. Supreme Court's Janus decision, and a national rise in activism among teachers will all influence collective bargaining in the coming years.

Regular Features