September/October 2014

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Feature Articles

  • Checklist for tornado recovery efforts

    by Roger Alvey
    In the immediate aftermath of the November tornadoes, Superintendent Roger Alvey created a checklist for dealing with the impact of a natural disaster, from assessment to rebuilding.
  • Ten do’s for effective board meetings

    by Kara Coglianese
    Experienced school board members understand the importance of running a "good" board meeting.
  • Tornado aftermath costly for Illinois schools

    by Gary Adkins
    The tornado outbreak of November 2013 caused over $1 billion in damage, resulted in great property loss and caused immeasurable emotional trauma as it impacted communities across Illinois. School officials are anticipating the future costs of safety and recovery.
  • Washington districts take action

    by Heath Hendren
    School officials in Washington coped with unique challenges after a tornado devastated neighborhoods in their districts.

Regular Features